Two Fraternities, Alpha Tau Omega and Kappa Alpha, Resist the UVA Administration's New Punitive Rules
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As we previously reported, the University of Virginia decided to punish fraternities even after the #UVAHoax utterly collapsed.  In a heartening development, two fraternities at Mr. Jefferson's University, Alpha Tau Omega and Kappa Alpha, are actually taking the necessary step of resisting.
The fraternities state two reasons for their refusal to sign on to these new rules.

The first reason is that U.Va., “for reasons that were found to be untrue, unfairly punished all members of fraternities and sororities." This is in reference to the Rolling Stone article claiming a woman was gang raped at a Phi Kappa Psi party, which resulted in the social activity ban (without any evidence other than the uncorroborated accusation).

“Because we do not accept the validity of a suspension imposed in contravention of the existing FOA, university policy, Virginia law and the constitutional rights of our members, we are not compelled to sign a revised FOA to continue operations on campus,” the fraternities wrote in press releases that were put out separately but shared the same language.

The fraternities also state that their own risk management policies “are as strict or more strict than this new FOA” and they will continue to “comply with the more restrictive of the policies in its activities.”

The fraternities wrote, “We are concerned that the university’s revision to the FOA may create new liability for individual members of our organizations that is more properly a duty to be borne by the university itself."

The statements also claim that the new rules “set a dangerous precedent of an erosion of student and organizational rights,” but would work with U.Va. to develop “risk management education.”

“This should occur on an ongoing basis, not under these pretenses,” the fraternities wrote.

[UVA fraternities are refusing to sign new campus requirements, by Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner, January 13, 2015]

The fraternities clearly recognize that the new rules aren't about promoting campus safety but about breaking down freedom of association and putting more legal liability on the institutions the university (and the official leftist culture) does not fully control.  However, the school is not backing down.  As the University of Virginia is a public school, this may end up in the courts.

The heart of what the Dark Enlightenment writer "Mencius Moldbug" called "the Cathedral" (or what the late Joe Sobran called "the Hive") is the universities.  The identity politics leftism that we now refer to as "Social Justice Warrior" culture comes from the campuses, and modern leftism is about nothing so much as making the entire country resemble one giant Ethnic Studies Department.

The universities may well be beyond reform.  [Burn down the colleges, by Gregory Hood, Radix Journal, May 20, 2014]  But if they can be saved, one of the most important remnants of potential student resistance is the Greek system of the South.

Robert E. Lee, "Spiritual Founder" of the Kappa Alpha Order

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