Tunisian Illegal Tries Buying Child… Near Northern Border
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Rural cops caught an illegal-alien sex pervert in early December, this time about 90 minutes from the U.S.-Canadian border in Perry, New York. A Tunisian scumbag here on an expired visa tried to “buy” a child:

On December 2, Perry Police Department arrested and detained Monji Jelassi in response to a report of a male harassing a female and her children.

The female-complainant told officers that Jelassi asked to “purchase” her 5-year-old child and then attempted to entice the child into his vehicle. At the time of his arrest, the only identification Jelassi possessed was a foreign-issued International Driver’s License.

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Arrested a Male Tunisian Who Was Arrested for Harassing a Female and Her Children, CBP.gov, December 11, 2023

U.S. Customs and Border Protection assures us that he awaits a deportation hearing.

Note that the northern border, as VDARE.com has reported on several occasions, is also a target for Traitor Joe Biden’s Great Replacement illegals. Record numbers are trying to enter the country, some of them illegally.

Through October this fiscal year, border agents have encountered almost 16,000 illegals either at points of entry or trying to cross illegally.

Last year’s 189,402, a 73 percent increase over fiscal 2022’s 109,535, which in turn was a 303 percent jump over fiscal ’21’s 27,180.

As for the Tunisian, what he tried to do—traffic a child, most likely for sex—southwest border invaders and child traffickers are doing with the help of the Biden Regime. Maybe all those perverts in the Biden Regime are there for a reason, as Patrick Cleburne initially observed.

Barely a week passes that the Border Patrol doesn’t catch a number of rapists and/or other sex fiends.

Here’s the latest:

Agents [identified] a Guatemalan citizen illegally present in the U.S. Additional records revealed the man was convicted of child rape in 2014 in Indianapolis. He was subsequently deported in 2017. The subject was arrested again in June 2023 attempting to illegally enter the U.S. as part of a maritime smuggling event near San Clemente, California. At that time, he was sentenced to six months incarceration for illegal re-entry of a convicted felon.

Border Patrol agents arrest convicted sex offender at Highway 86 checkpoint, CBP.gov, December 12, 2023

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