Great Replacement Update / Northern Border: Record Number Jumping In From Canada
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The Great Replacement army of illegal aliens opened a new front on the northern border some time ago. The latest: Invaders are jumping the frontier from Canada illegally in record numbers.

Chief Border Patrol Agent Robert Garcia posted the numbers on Twitter:

Data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which do not include July, are no more encouraging.

With two full months to go before the end of fiscal 2023, border encounters are 20.6 percent higher than all of last year: 132,164 against 109,535.

But 95 percent, 127,657, are illegals who land at ports of entry.

Border Patrol agents have caught 6,477 illegals who tried to jump the border, a 189 percent increase from last year’s total, 2,238.

Hardest hit is Swanton Sector, which includes all of Vermont and parts of New York and New Hampshire. Agents arrested 4,457, a 318.5 percent increase from last year’s 1,065.  

Again, those figures, reported at CBP’s website, do not include July. 

Garcia apparently included last month’s figures in his report. But whatever his calculations, numbers across the border will be worse than ever.

H/T: Border Hawk

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