Tucker Carlson And Vincent Everett Ellison On MLK, The War On Whites... But Not Immigration
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I watched Tucker Carlson’s latest interview with Vincent Everett Ellison. 

Vincent Everett Ellison Exposes the Lies Sold to Black America: MLK, Hip Hop Culture, & Democrats  

It’s nearly three hours long, yet well worth it.  Ellison acknowledges that there is a war on white people, and he calls out Martin Luther King on being a communist. 

Ellison doesn’t exactly endorse segregation, but he points out that if a man doesn’t want you in his restaurant, why would you want to frequent his business?  Build your own restaurant that’s better and make him envious of your success.

In watching it, I was reminded of a story told to me by a white guy who was married to a black woman.  My friend told me that his wife’s family was composed of a lot of teachers.  One day he was at the breakfast table talking to his mother-in-law and he asked her why it seemed like there were so many black scholars in the past, but that there didn’t seem to be any real black intellectuals anymore.  His mother-in-law (to his surprise) said that it was due to the end of segregation.  Being a good scholar came to be seen as acting white.

Years after that, I was talking to a mulatto (for lack of a better term) who was a teacher and came from a family of teachers.  Somehow the subject came up, and I said something along the lines that segregation got rid of a lot of black scholarship.  He said to me, “You must have been talking to a lot of black people to know that.” 

In any case, there used to be a theory that each time black people started to get ahead in the United States, then the flood gates of immigration would open up and black people would be driven back down.  Back then, people like Representative Barbara Jordan were vehemently anti-immigration.  It made sense, immigrants drive down wages.  It’s a simple matter of increasing the labor pool.  Anecdotally, I talked with a few black people who were vehemently anti-immigration and yet supported the Democratic Party.  The Democrats were once more anti-immigration than the fat cat Republicans, but now, the parties seem to have flipped (with some open borders holdouts on the Republican side).

Around minute 7:20, Ellison makes the point that between 1940 and 1960, “the black community had cut its poverty rate from 80% to 35% in 20 years, the greatest reduction in poverty in the history of the world.  And then after the Civil Rights movement, we flat lined.”

Ellison might make the case that the Civil Rights movement caused this and I won’t entirely disagree, but I will add that low levels of immigration from 1940 to 1965 combined with our industrial base being left intact following World War II were major contributors to that. 

You would think that more black people would be supporting closed borders and low levels of immigration, yet they keep voting for the open-borders Democrats.  There are some black communities in Chicago waking up to the unfairness of illegal aliens displacing them while rich liberals in Martha’s Vineyard can apparently deport them from their little island at will. 

Immigration doesn’t just displace white people, it displaces the historic black community as well. 

P.S.  The Border Patrol is officially about 50% Hispanic, but that’s from self-reports.  In truth, it’s closer to 80% Hispanic.  As a result, the Border Patrol never need worry about bringing in black affirmative action hires; the agency is protected by the number of non-whites it already has. 

Tucker says at the end of the interview that he agrees with everything that Ellison said.  Well, I don’t exactly disagree, but I'd like to point out Ellison's missing the boat on immigration and its role in keeping black (and white) wages low. 


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