Radio Derb Transcript For June 26: Korean War, Karen Shaming, Tucker Carlson, And The Blacks In Brixton, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for June 26. Go here to read or listen.


00m52s  Remembering the Korean War.  (Seventy years on.)

06m05s  Karen shaming.  (Sport for the fellas.)

14m06s  Tucker and I.  (Is he right about Trump's inaction?)

20m37s  It's the blecks, cont (Brixtonoids chase out the peelers.)

27m32s  Cutting back on guest workers.  (Thank you, Mr President!)

28m21s  A suggestion for the iconoclasts.  (Become ironoclasts?)

29m21s  Rugger fans culturally appropriate.  (Prince Dimwit is shocked.)

33m24s  Fined for using the L-word.  (Too close to N?)

35m13s  Name-shaming Rhode Island.  (Who knew?)

37m26s  Aboriginettes passing.  (Rachel Dolezal, call your agent.)

41m15s  Signoff.  (A Korean War-adjacent song.)

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