Trump's H-1B Visa Reform Is Practical Feminism—Women Can Be Programmers If It Passes
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Commenter 27 Year Old writes:

New bill introduced to the House, which doubles the minimum salary for H1-B visas, to $130k.

Google news results are entirely focused on what this means for India…

This kind of smart Singaporean reform could help reverse the much decried-trend of fewer American women being employed as coders. My wife’s friend A made a lot of money as a programmer for 20 years, although the work environment kept getting more hostile as her employer used H-1B visas to bring in more sexist Pakistani men. Finally she got laid off and it took her half a decade to find a new job.

Young American women look at these kind of stories they hear from their aunts and ask themselves: “Why do I want to become a computer programmer?”

Of course, you can’t publicly mention H-1B in explaining the decline in the number of American women going into coding over the last several decades. You have blame “brogrammers” like Haven Monahan.

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