Trump Praises ICE, Condemns Sanctuary Cities To International Association Of Chiefs Of Police
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Trump, at his speech to the IACP (International Association Of Chiefs Of Police) did not condemn the Obama Administration for letting drug traffickers out of prison, for releasing many criminal aliens into the community, or for supporting, implicitly, the murder of police officers, and explicitly, the Black Lives Matter riots.

However, Trump did say that his Administration was doing the opposite of that. That's the kind of positive fellow he is:

Last year, we increased the average federal sentence for drug trafficking to its highest level since 2013. For the first time in years, we are ensuring there are real, tough consequences for those who flood our streets with deadly poison.

Thanks to your partnership, last year, our brave ICE agents seized 1 million pounds of narcotics, including almost 7,000 pounds of heroin and more than 2,300 pounds of fentanyl—saving thousands upon thousands of American lives. And this year, we're way ahead of those numbers.

Last year alone, ICE removed nearly 130,000 criminal aliens from our country. And, as you know, my competitors don't like that. They don't like that. That's the other thing you're going to have to explain to me someday. Including thousands of vicious gang members and MS-13 predators. They're gone. They're gone.

Yet, these brave ICE officers have been subjected to shameless attacks by leading members of the Democrat Party, including outrageous calls to abolish ICE. And also, they're not a big help to us in law enforcement. They don't want to give us the kind of funds that you people are requesting. But you're getting them anyway because we're giving them to you. But they fight us at every turn. The Democrats fight us at every single turn. Whether it's law enforcement or military, they fight us at every turn. But we win.

We condemn the vilification of law enforcement and law enforcement officers, and we stand proudly with the heroes of ICE, and Border Patrol, and law enforcement in general.

We also strongly oppose efforts from politicians to shackle local police departments and prevent them from cooperating with their federal partners. So let's see whether or not Chicago—as an example, locally—accepts help. They need it. And we'll straighten it out fast. We're going to straighten it out fast.

I assume they want to straighten it out. Sometimes I think, "Maybe is it possible that they don't?" But we're going to be there. We're going to try and help them.

Every day, these sanctuary city policies force the release of criminal aliens and gang members right back onto our streets, putting innocent civilians at grave risk—many people being killed.

Donald Trump Addresses the International Association of Police Chiefs - October 8, 2018, transcript via, emphasis and links added.

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