Trump Campaign Should Stand Back And Let Bloomberg Apologize To Death For Stop-And-Frisk, Not Pile On
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Earlier, by Steve Sailer: Democrats 2020: Crime-Fighting Billionaire Bloomberg Apologizes For Fighting Crime

The Trump campaign is attacking former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg for his past common sense on crime. On Monday night, a video went viral of Bloomberg saying blacks are the most likely to commit violent crime in New York.

President Trump called Bloomberg “A TOTAL RACIST” in a since-deleted tweet. [Mike Bloomberg Stands Tall Against Trump’s Deleted Tweet, by Charlie Nash, Mediaite, February 11, 2020] However, the rest of Trump world kept up their tweets attacking Bloomberg for his sensible comments.

The Trump campaign also posted another clip of Bloomberg defending stop-and-frisk’s disproportionate effect on non-whites.

The purpose of this bad faith attack is to paint the former mayor as the real racist. This is a dumb strategy—Trump himself has a long history of defending stop-and-frisk and noticing non-white criminality.

And this one is from 2013:

This attack only makes Trump look like a hypocrite. What happened to the man who promised to restore law and order?



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