Troops on U.S. Border? Go Get `Em, Mr. President!
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Have you heard the great news? President Obama, who says we need more American kids to lay it on the line in Afghanistan, is telling our MSM that he's also "thinking about" sending National Guard troops to Texas because Gov. Rick Perry is getting a little nervous about the level of drug cartel violence taking place in his own backyard.

Should we expect anything less from our stout-hearted leader who is again in lockstep with those Beltway hypocrites who parade around the country sporting one of those American flag lapel pins?

"I think if one U.S. citizen is killed because of foreign nationals who are engaging in violent crime, that's enough of a concern to do something about it," Obama said.[U.S. won't rule out troops at Mexican border| Step would be last resort to address drug violence By Ben Meyerson | Tribune Newspapers March 13, 2009 ]
Memo to our fearless Commander in Chief: Are you "concerned" enough to deal with all forms of violent crime committed by foreign nationals against our own citizens, or just the kind that results in finding the severed heads of Mexicans neatly stored in ice chests along a darkened road? I'm talking about the kind of stupid - and avoidable - criminal violence far from the border that Brenda Walker regularly writes about here. Well, Mr. President, here is one more

American's death we think merits at least some of your concern. And the solution to this growing problem, I argue, cannot be found in any of the claptrap about comprehensive immigration reform. Legalizing illegals will only spawn more illegal aliens who in turn will end up killing more of our citizens. And that's something you can believe in.

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