Treason Rag HARVARD CRIMSON Smears—We Post FULL Brimelow Interview
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The Harvard Crimson has just run White Nationalist Site Targets Khurana, Troung By Graham W. Bishai, January 23, 2017 , in response to Federale's blog Break Harvard And Arrest Rakesh Khurana and Loc Truong, which said
Harvard University and two Harvard officials, Rakesh Khurana [Email him] Dean of the College, and Loc Truong [Email him] Director of the Office of Student Life, have pulled a JanetNapolitano: they publicly stated that they as individuals, and Harvard as a legal entity, will aid, abet, and assist illegal aliens to enter into and remain in the United States.
This is a fair statement, and the Crimson notes the Harvard officials' continued defiance of US law.  It says:
In November, Khurana said he would prioritize protecting Harvard’s undocumented students at what he called a “time of uncertainty,” as President Donald Trump prepared to take office. In outlining measures the College would take, Khurana appointed Truong to act as a “point person” for any concerns raised by undocumented students.

In an emailed statement, Khurana affirmed his support for undocumented students.

“As Dean, I am proud to support and stand up for all of our students, and will continue to do so,” Khurana said.

He makes it sound like he's got the moral high ground here, but of course Harvard profits from its illegal students—they're in the same position of an employer of wetback labor.

Crimson staff writer Graham Bishai wrote Peter Brimelow to inquire about this, and Brimelow answered him, replies marked in red, below.

From: Graham Bishai []

Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2017 1:10 AM

To: Peter Brimelow <>

Subject: Re: Harvard Crimson Inquiry: recent VDARE article

Dear Mr. Brimelow,

Thanks very much for getting back to me. Below are the questions. If you could have answers back to me before 6pm tomorrow I would really appreciate it.

1)  What prompted the author of this article to target these two Harvard administrators, and what prompted VDARE to run the article? believes that legal immigration should be cut back, illegal immigration should be halted and the stock of illegals in the country eliminated. Quite obviously, the activities of these Harvard bureaucrats are of interest to us in this regard.

FEDERALE is the pseudonym of a federal law enforcement veteran. He has written several times about the legal liability incurred by college and government bureaucrats who shelter illegal aliens e.g. Janet Napolitano, president of UC and the New York City Council. This is just the latest example.

2) This particular article appears to be re-posted with slight edits from an original post on the blog writer 'Federale's' personal blog.  What sort of editorial standards does VDARE impose on blog posts?

Federale is a patriot, not a professional journalist. When we cross-post him, we make various minor edits for style, proofing etc.

3) This post makes numerous unsubstantiated claims, including that Rakesh Khurana wants to make America part of Mexico and that Loc Truong was a communist supporter.  Are fact-checking standards employed to articles posted on VDARE?

You need to read more carefully. FEDERALE is drawing logical conclusions to make political points.

I would compare our fact-checking favorably to what I saw during 40 years as a journalist in the MSM.

You should be aware that in the last couple of years, “fact-checking” has just become another term for “inserting Leftist Talking Points” e.g.  James Fulford’s blog item which begins “At American Thinker, they’re factchecking the factcheckers...”DAMERICAN THINKER On Murder By Illegals; A MUCH Higher Rate Than US Citizens

4) The VDARE website seems to espouse a white nationalist ideology.  You have written numerous articles on the site prioritizing interests of white Americans, or a "historic American nation, " over those of minorities, and have argued that diversity harms America. Is white nationalism an ideology you and VDARE support?  If not, what ideology do 1) you and 2) VDARE endorse?

What ideology do I endorse? 

Personally, I used to think I was a conservative, but not if Jeb Bush etc. are “conservative.”  I regard white nationalism as just as legitimate as black nationalism, Zionism etc. but I regard myself as a “citizenist” as discussed here and here

What ideology does endorse? 

This is answered here: Is VDARE.COM “White Nationalist”?  [July 24, 2006, Rocky Mountain News,.July 23, 2006 ] is a single-issue forum site and will run anyone, from any political standpoint, critical of the post 1965 immigration disaster.

5) Ron Unz, a supporter of your site, and critic of Harvard's admission practices, recently lost an election to the Harvard Board of Governors. In the election process, Unz was criticized for his support of VDARE. [See Overseers Candidate Donates to ‘Quasi-White Nationalist’ Group, By Andrew M. Duehren and Daphne C. Thompson, Harvard Crimson, April 14, 2016]  Should there be reason to be believe that this article and the negative attitude it has towards Harvard as an institution has anything to do with this history?

Unz is a friend but I’m not sure why you say he is a “supporter.”  I believe the only money he gave us was earmarked to support Steve Sailer; now he pays Sailer directly and publishes him on his own site.

Like all patriots, we’ve had a low view of Harvard for many years e.g.Harvard Hates The White Race? AndThe Case of Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld: Harvard Hates America—America Should Shun Harvard

We were sorry to see Ron smeared, but it’s not unusual or surprising, just contemptible.

By the way, there's  a paragraph at the end of Bishai's story that says
In October, an email with the subject line “Fight White Genocide - Vote Trump!” promoting similar anti-immigrant sentiment was sent to some undergraduates, prompting Harvard to call upon police to investigate.
Harvard wanted the police investigate an election email? An email with no threats in it, just "anti-immigrant sentiment"? Then why do they complain we suggest investigating an actual crime:  Bringing and Harboring Certain Aliens.Title 8 United States Code, Section 1324.
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