Treason Lobby Deploy$ New A$$et: Paul Ryan
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Ryan G

Ryan with Gutierrrez: "You scrumptious Hispanic!

National Review is continuing its peculiar balancing policy, with prominent staffers criticizing the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration bill, while giving plenty of space to Treason Lobby activists.

Into the latter category falls Paul Ryan's Immigration Play by Robert Costa April 24, 2013.
It seems Ryan is getting jealous of Marco Rubio and wants some of the limelight.

“Everyone is talking about Rubio, and Rubio is crucial. But Ryan could be the person who makes this all happen,” says a senior GOP aide. “He has trust from both sides, which is so rare, and House Republicans listen to him.”

The article conclusively documents what readers already know – Ryan is solidly a Treason Lobby servant just like his mentor the deplorable Jack Kemp.

One of the few pleasures around nowadays is the NR comment thread (although this one has attracted a couple of trolls):

Man, I haven't read a love letter like that since High School. Ryan sounds like just another country club Republican ready to throw the American worker under the bus for the benefit of his pals in the Chamber of Commerce. No to Ryan, no to Rubio and no to amnesty

We have a political elite that serves as cabana boys for business interests. Those interests want to import millions of third world peons to work for peanuts and cut the legs out from under American labor, who have the annoying habit of standing up for themselves and demanding fair treatment. As an added bonus for the economic and political elites, these peons have been raised in a patron-client system, so they can be counted on to support their benefactors at the ballot box. …when our elites go to the third world, they like what they see because there the elites live like kings without having to worry about what the common man thinks. Our elites want to bring that here.

…let us hope it isn't Paul Ryan who "fundamentally transforms" America into a poorer, more income-unequal place of increasing societal (and linguistic, cultural, etc.) Balkanization, with lower median education and income levels, an eroded Rule of Law, a full-time grievance and multiculturalism industry, and an immigration system hijacked by one ethnic group in a blatant display of racism by that group and pandering / selling out the national interest by their politician enablers.

"...Ryan recalled his history at Kemp’s side and how they worked together to fight Proposition 187, a California ballot initiative that prevented non-citizens from using the state’s social services."
Allowing illegal immigrants to use California's social services? Yeah good call Ryan. And look now at what illegal immigrants have done to California's social services budget. Idiot.

The article burbles that immigration is

…something that the Wisconsin Republican appears ready to take on. He told me last week that he returned to the House because he wanted to solve difficult problems, and not just play politics.

Utter rubbish. As Peter Brimelow noted in Paul Ryan, Immigration Enthusiast, Donor-Driven Choice? Ryan is simply Following the Money.

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