Muslims, FOREVER
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The late writer Lawrence Auster was way out ahead of most of us in substantively analyzing what immigration is doing to America and how this came about — see his 1990 booklet-length essay The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism (HTML version here, PDF here; he updated both in 2010).

Larry was also a brilliant distiller of key ideas into unforgettable language, many passages of which can continue to serve the causes he cared so deeply about, even long after his untimely death on Good Friday this year.

So how might he have responded to the news highlighted earlier today, April 25, by VDARE's Brenda Walker (Both Conservatives And Liberals Suggest Limiting Muslim Admittance to US), about several people with large visibility beginning to say, in public, that immigration here by Muslims might not be an unalloyed blessing, so perhaps the subject should be examined and discussed?

Well, Larry had also been thinking deeply about Islam and the West since at least the late 1990s.  In November, 2000 he wrote a brief Newsmax piece, The Clintons, Abdurahman Alamoudi, and the Myth of "Moderate" Islam (now apparently archived only elsewhere, such as here) in which he identified the range of problems presented specifically by Muslim immigration to, and presence, in the West.

Islam remained one of his central themes, and on August 10, 2006, in an entry at his [still extant] blogsite titled The unchanging reality of Muslim terror—so long as Muslims remain among us, he set down three paragraphs that we all should be quoting for as long as it remains necessary to do so.  Here they are, with boldfacing, capitalization, and embedded link as in his original entry.

We will have terrorist attacks and threats of terrorists attacks and inconvenient and humiliating security measures and the disruption of ordinary activities FOREVER, as long as Muslims are in the West in any significant numbers. The Muslim terrorists are part and parcel of the Muslim community. According to a survey reported in the Scotsman, 24 percent of Muslims in Britain (I never describe them as “British Muslims”) believe the July 2005 London bombings were justified. Imagine that. Not only do these Muslims in Britain support terrorism against Britain, they’re not afraid to say so openly to a pollster! The unchangeable fact is that wherever there is a sizable Muslim community there will be a very large number of terror supporters and therefore—inevitably—actual terrorists as well.

This is our future, FOREVER, unless we stop Muslim immigration and initiate a steady out-migration of Muslims from the West until their remaining numbers are a small fraction of what they are now and there are no true believers among the ones that remain. Travelers from Muslim countries must be tightly restricted as well. Muslims must be essentially locked up inside the Muslim lands, with only carefully screened individuals allowed into the non-Muslim world.

The enemy are among us, in America, in Britain, in the West, and will remain so until we remove them from the West and indeed from the entire non-Muslim world. As extreme as this sounds, it is a no-brainer. There is no other solution. All other responses to this problem add up to meaningless hand-wringing. The hand-wringing will go on FOREVER, along with the terrorist attacks and the threat of terrorist attacks, until we take the ONLY STEPS that can actually and permanently end the threat.





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