Tomato-Picker Brain Surgeon Now Featured on Reality TV
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I wrote about this doctor in May: Brilliant Neurosurgeon Discovered in Tomato Fields! Dr. Quinones was an illegal alien who managed to work America's diversity-obsessed education system to become a surgeon.

Now he is a major character in a network reality tv series Hopkins; you can watch the opening episode start by following him around the hospital making his rounds as he discusses his lawbreaking background and immigration views ad nauseum; e.g. "The media portrays Mexican Americans in many cases as not being hard workers and if I don't make an effort to change that, who will?"

The film clip included in the June 26 ABC News report, The American Dream: Dr. Quinones Incredible Story, shows Dr. Q driving by a group of day laborers and remarking, "Just down the street is a group of people doing what I was doing just about 20 years ago," with heart-tuggy music playing in the background. The not-so-subliminal message is America shouldn't close its borders because we might miss out on some Einstein. (The brilliant physicist came legally, in fact.)

Here's more from the ABC story...

"By the time I was 19, I decided I wanted to go to the U.S. and explore," Qui?±ones-Hinojosa said. "I was tired of the political oppression and the bifurcation of classes, the oppression of the poor that happens in my country."

Desperate for money, and with his sights set on a brighter future, he scaled a barbed border fence across from Calexico, Calif.

"It was a pretty scary experience," Qui?±ones-Hinojosa remembered. "It was filled with a real adrenaline rush excitement, but also fear, and, you know, fear gives you extra strength and courage. I got caught and sent back, but I did it again the same night."

To media elites, it's okay for foreigners to break a slew of immigration laws as long as there is a warm and wonderful story at the end, suitable for network programming.
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