Tom Tancredo on the Treason Lobby`s Drive to Lynch Phil Kent
September 18, 2011, 06:31 PM
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We asked the other day Is Phil Kent`s only defender? Former Congressman Tom Tancredo has a fine column, When every activist`s a "hater", on World Net Daily:

"When Nathan Deal ran for governor of Georgia in 2010, he made cracking down on illegal immigration central to his platform. Deal was in a distant third in the Republican primaries when Arizona passed SB 1070. Deal was the first candidate to state his support for Arizona`s law, and with a solid secure-the-borders record in Congress, he was believable.

"After he endorsed SB 1070, I endorsed Deal, as did a number of other leaders in the immigration-control movement, and many observers credited his stance on immigration for his victory. Georgia voters should therefore expect him to appoint people such as longtime immigration-control activist Phil Kent to his commission on the new Georgia immigration law. "

(Links added). Of the Treason Lobby`s attempt to lynch Kent, Tancredo writes, entirely accurately:

"This issue goes far beyond Phil Kent and Gov. Deal`s commission. The SPLC and other groups like the National Council of La Raza, America`s Voice and Media Matters have engaged in smear campaigns trying to completely shut out mainstream immigration-control organizations and activists from the media and political discourse."

No word, as far as I can see, from National Review.

I also liked Tancredo`s recent column on one of my favorites subjects, the neglected impeachment power.