To Where Will Muslims Immigrate After Europe Cracks Down on Immigration?
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European voters are tiring of anti-Semitic massacres by Muslim youths. The odds of a major crackdown on immigration to Europe from the Muslim world are steadily increasing.

That raises the question, however: if Europe clamps down on immigration, where will the Muslim masses head next? Australia and Canada are possibilities, but the Big One is, of course, the United States of America. Will this be good for the Jews?

The U.S. has had some anti-Semitic terrorism already, such as the El Al Airline ticket counter massacre at LAX on July 4, 2002, when Diversity Visa Lottery winner Hesham Mohamed Hadayet opened fire on 90 people, murdering two. A forgotten example is Palestinian immigrant Sirhan Sirhan assassinating Robert F. Kennedy on the first anniversary of Israel starting the Six Days War because RFK promised to sell jet fighters to Israel.

But mostly, Muslim mass migration and the accompanying jihads against Jews goes to Europe rather than to the U.S. for reasons of proximity.

But what happens if the pipeline to Europe gets squeezed by Europeans voters sick of anti-Semitic violence perpetrated in their streets by Muslims? That seems pretty likely. If that happens, then there would be more Muslims trying to immigrate into the U.S., likely increasing the long-term rate of domestic anti-Semitic terrorism. Would that be good for the Jews?

In recent years, the American Establishment has imposed a lockdown on public discourse that assumes that only stupid, evil old white men fail to recognize the inarguable case for more immigration. But is that kind of imprudent doubling down on one course of action really good for the Jews? Doesn’t Jewish history suggest the wisdom of keeping some options open? In the future, it may well be necessary to change the conventional wisdom in America due to a rise in anti-Semitic violence and insults from Muslims in the U.S.

Here’s the thing, though, that the molders of the conventional wisdom need to keep in mind: it is like an aircraft carrier; it can take a long time to turn around. It’s not like we’ve suddenly always been at war with Eastasia. Eastasia, Eurasia, that stuff is far away and confusing. But people can remember fine that they’re supposed to hate Emmanuel Goldstein.

You in the Establishment have been conducting Two-Minutes Hates against anti-immigration Emmanuel Goldsteins for the entire lives of many young people out there. In the future, you can’t tell young naive folks whom you’ve indoctrinated, well, you know, it turns out that Emmanuel Goldstein actually has some really good ideas about not letting in all those anti-Semitic Muslims, so we’re suddenly going to follow those ideas of his we had you screaming hatred at yesterday.

You have to prepare the ground ahead of time in case you find yourself needing some of E.G.’s better ideas down the road. So maybe cut down to just One-Minute Hates, then to Half-Minute Hates. Maybe invite E.G. to sit in on some panel discussions on TV? Perhaps stop picking fights with the kind of people whose help you may really need in the future? Maybe we need to start policing ourselves against pointless expressions of animosity toward those whose help could be valuable if we get ourselves in a sticky situation?

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