TIME worrying for Amnesty
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Last week Time Magazine was happily deploying the “Immigration restriction = Racism” argument, confident this would help the Bush Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill. This week, a much more considered article indicates Time is getting worried. Why Immigration Reform May Die in the House –By Perry Bacon Jr./Washington Tuesday May 30 2006 moans:

House members may be wrong that the American public agrees with their get-tough-only approach on immigration. But the right kind of Republican voters do, and that’s what counts.

Determinedly seeking comfort in another crop of deviously-worded opinion polls (a stratagem already denounced by Steve Sailer: an updated discussion by Steve is scheduled on VDARE.com for Sunday) Time complains

Yet most Republican members of the House of Representatives, even the most vulnerable in this election year, are adamantly opposed to the Senate bill. Which raises the question, why …

It may come down to one word: intensity. Whatever the national numbers, moderate House Republicans like New York’s Peter King, who has been a strong supporter of the House border-security-only approach, say the people who call their offices and show up at town halls want tighter restrictions on immigration

Supporting Bush’s proposal for guest workers and citizenship for illegal immigrants, if you’re a House Republican, may be a way to lose votes among Republicans (who could sit out the election rather than vote for a member who supports a guest worker program) without gaining any from independents or Democrats, who aren’t as fired up…

Time glumly compares the issue to abortion, where of course the liberal establishment has to fight a constant war to impose its will.

Others will take the view that without massive repression and propaganda, turning the country into a Third World Spanish- speaking slum will never command majority American opinion.

But Immigration reformers can be encouraged that the other side is clearly getting alarmed.

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