Tim Tebow: Turning Human Beings Into Collector's Items in the Name of Jesus
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I appreciate Tim Tebow's willingness to witness for Christianity in a world deeply hostile to it, but his latest pronouncement shows the delirium of the modern Christian's embrace of multiculturalism.

In planning his post-football life, he imagines running a Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie-style adoption center, with one child from each continent. 

It's accompanied by the usual we're-all-one cant.

Begging pardon, but Tebow sounds here more like a Roman emperor looking for decorative proof of world conquest than a humble Christian seeking a righteous life.  Human beings aren't collector's items.

Ah, but the multiculti mind-infection has wormed its way deep into the Christian brain.  Christians today compete with each other to adopt the most far-flung children to parade around, and the more exotic the breed, the greater your Christian commitment.  I often hear normally level-headed, white conservative Christians talking about wanting to adopt black children, either to supplement the white children they already have, or, more stomach-churningly, as a substitute for having their own white children.

Don't tell me Jesus wants the elimination of the white race.

Maxing out your Christian commitment, in fact, is today demonstrated by missionary work in Africa.  Of course, if you're looking for an actual conversion challenge, try a mission to Manhattan.

I call on my fellow Christians to consider whether this is part of God's design.  He made us different, plopped us in different continents, and even commanded the preservation of national integrity.

America's open borders aren't helping Christianity, they're hastening its demise.



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