Yglesias: Charles Murray Is Like Hitler
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Screenshot 2017-03-04 17.18.08In comparing Charles Murray to Hitler, Yglesias, the #2 guy at Vox, is quoting The Clash’s White Man in Hammersmith Palais.

All over people changing their votes

Along with their overcoats

If Adolf Hitler flew in today

They’d send a limousine anyway

But … isn’t being a Clash fan a symptom of … Implicit White Identity? I mean, while the Clash spent a lot of time virtue-signaling, their song titles like “White Man” and “White Riot” were dog-whistling. Although dog-whistling isn’t le mot juste for this performance of “White Riot” in front of 500,000 raised white arms:

White riot – I want to riot

White riot – a riot of my own

White riot – I want to riot

White riot – a riot of my own

Black people gotta lot a problems

But they don’t mind throwing a brick

White people go to school

Where they teach you how to be thick

I went to the place

Where every white face

Is an invitation to robbery

An’ sitting here in my safe European home

I don’t want to go back there again

Joe Strummer, like Charles Murray, was a Noticer, which means he was Literally Hitler.

Matthew Yglesias noticed that the two black guys who played Knock Out Game on his skull on May 15, 2011 for Walking While White were black, so he’s Literally Hitler too.

Isn’t everybody?

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