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Only channel allowed for Patriotic opinion expression?

Today One Old Vet has posted a compendium of 20 Amnesty related stories.

The funniest item is Dreamers question who Sen. Chuck Schumer sides with on immigration by Griselda Nevarez March 7, 2013 . Arrogant ReConquistas are yelling at Schumer of all people for allegedly not being a perfect partisan of unconditional Amnesty

Dreamers criticize Schumer for using the word “illegals“ to refer to undocumented immigrants during an interview on Jan. 29 with MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

“While Republicans lead the anti-immigrant rhetoric, your continuing reference to our loved ones as ‘illegals’ makes it hard to believe you are the champion on immigration,”

The abrasive hubris characteristic of most professional Hispanics is a major patriotic asset.

Possibly the most encouraging story is W.H. seeks tech's help on immigration by Michael Quinn Politico 3/7/13. Deputy Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank was trying to bully a group of Silicon Valley Cheap Labor Hogs to support Amnesty or

“The groups that care about path to citizenship or border security will block skilled immigration.”

which was badly received. Mark Krikorian laid out the mechanics of this recurring conflict before the election.

But it has to be said that the depressing pattern which emerges from the OOV survey is that patriotic voices are almost completely excluded from the MSM. Other than a recycling of Congressman Lamar Smiths’s USA Today article in a Texan paper, the most substantive item was another piece What the right wing is saying about immigration reform by Griselda Nevarez March 06,2013 with the above illustration, summarizing columns by Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schlafly. according to its Wikipedia entry was

..created in order to create content for Latino individuals whose dominant language was English

(E Unum Pluribus?) and financed by Senator Menendez’s friend Salomon Melgen.

Characteristic MSM coverage is the analytically infantile advertorial Amnesty For Immigrants Spurs Greater Employment in U.S. By Lorraine Woellert BloomergBusinessWeek March 06, 2013 which completely fails to consider the issue of per capita output, returns to the native born or the redistribution effect in discussing the glories of an influx of low-skilled labor.

Sheldon Adelson’s money and Hispanic arrogance combine in GOP PAC to target Republicans who don’t walk pro-immigration line by Cheryl K Chumly The Washington Times Wednesday March 6, 2013

A new Republican super-PAC headed by former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez is aimed at supporting GOP candidates who want immigration reform

“If someone has voted for immigration reform and gets a primary challenger , we’ll go after them. We’ll go after challengers.”

As I noted in “Is Cash Avalanche Sweeping GOP Into Amnesty Acquiescence? this outfit is in the Adelson stable.

The Drudge Report stayed on plan and carried nothing. Even the long running  DHS Criminal Alien Release theme was dropped – One Old Vet separately featured a dramatic story on this -  Babeu: ICE lied about crimes of released immigrants

Mustn't wake up the peasants!

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