Those wonderful Hispanic Republicans
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One of the most reliable rewards for alleged ”Conservatives” who betray their supporters is laudatory coverage in the MSM, as I have noted before. So the recent effusion of flattery about Senator Jon Kyl in The Arizona Republic is not a surprise (How migrant-reform effort changed Kyl’s image Dan Nowicki July 15 2007)

Essentially, this is the usual set of clich?©s about asserting leadership and placing principle above partisanship - although Nowicki does allow some voice to Kyl’s outraged former supporters.

”Unfortunately…” said Rob Haney, the Republican chairman in legislative District 11, where Kyl lives, ” I think his legacy is going to be that he is the one who pushed the 'amnesty' bill against 90 percent of the Republican base and 80 percent of the country."

But there is something valuable in this piece: an insight into the attitude of some Hispanic (a.k.a. "Martinez" )Republicans:

To Elias Bermudez, founder and chief executive of the pro-immigration group Immigrants Without Borders, Kyl is "a true statesman…"

A registered Republican, Bermudez predicts that Arizona eventually will be a Hispanic majority state and says …strident anti-immigrant commentary from other Republican segments turns off many Hispanics...

That wasn't always so. President Ronald Reagan signed the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli legislation that granted amnesty to more than 3 million illegal immigrants…"We consider him to be a hero, and he's the reason why I became a Republican, for instance." ( emphasis)

So there it is: Reconquista. The country is going to be taken over by us. Our political support is conditional on our ethnic interests being served. You must obey!

This is the line taken by the Illinois Congressman debating Patrick Buchanan on the eve of the defeat of Amnesty. At least he didn’t pretend to be a Republican.

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