John Edwards` Latest Brilliant Campaign Issue: Busing!
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July 17, 2007, 02:50 AM
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From Politico:

Sen. John Edwards plans to warn later this week that the nation’s schools have become segregated by race and income, and he will propose measures to diversify both inner-city and middle-class schools. ...

As explained by people who have been consulted about the program, Edwards wants to set aside $100 million to help school districts implement economic integration programs. The money will help finance buses and other resources for schools that enroll additional low-income children.

How clueless do you have to be to try to run for President — as a purported populist — as the Busing Candidate?

This isn`t just a personal failing of Edwards — it reflects how out of touch our ruling class has become. It`s not merely how rich they are — the Roosevelts, after all, were extremely rich — but how political correctness has dumbed them down.

It`s widely assumed that political correctness is just polite hypocrisy and that the big shots understand what`s really going on even though they aren`t allowed to mention it in public — after all, the Clintons sure didn`t send Chelsea to the local public school for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. — but that`s naive. What happens is that political correctness severs the mental connection between private and public thinking.

Everybody knows that they, personally, don`t want a whole bunch of inner city kids bused into their kid`s school, but nobody is allowed to articulate publicly the reasons why everybody feels that way. Partly, it`s self-discipline — if a public figure ever happened to candidly mention exactly why he sends his daughter to Sweet Briar Country Day School instead of to Malcolm X. H.S., he`s toast. So, it`s best if he never mentions it in private, either. It could leak out. In fact, it`s even better if he never thinks it inside his own head. He might slip up.

So, concepts that can`t be articulated publicly aren`t, after awhile, even thought anymore.