The New York Times And "Populism"
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Just One Minute notes a New York Times story about a "new populism" in the Democratic party that doesn't mention immigration, the most populist issue of the last year, until the eighteenth paragraph. [A New Populism Spurs Democrats on the Economy, By Robin Toner, July 16, 2007]

Their comment:

Nobody covers the issues like the Times. Oh, well - in their world it was racists and xenophobes that opposed the immigration reform; the notions that populist Dems had trouble with the guest worker program, or that waving in unskilled workers might actually depress the wages of the native unskilled rattles their coffee cups on an otherwise pleasant Monday morning.

And the Pelosi position amounts to "Don't send the unskilled jobs abroad; bring the unskilled voters workers here". Great.
JustOneMinute: The Populism That Dare Not Speak Its Name

It's another example of the disconnect between elites and normal people that Steve Sailer noted yesterday with John Edwards' busing proposals.

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