They Aren’t Worried The ‘Anti-Muslim Videos’ Are Fake, They’re Worried They Are Real
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Everyone from the British Prime Minister to Debbie Wasserman Schultz is denouncing Donald Trump’s retweeting “anti-Muslim” videos from Britain First, the British “far right” group oft described as you know what—racist—because it wants to preserve Britain for Britons.

Some are worried because the videos have not been authenticated.

But let’s get real, here. Trump’s hysterical opponents aren’t worried that the videos are fake. They’re worried that they’re real, and portray Muslims for what many of them are: intolerant, misogynistic, savages who adhere to an inherently violent, 7th-century political ideology and who should be rounded up and deported from every country in the West.

Below, not reproduced in the Washington Post, the President's retweets:

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