There Is No Overlap Between The Texas GOP And Bush On Immigration.
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A reader writes

This news account doesn't show any overlap between the Texas GOP and Bush on immigration.

PLATFORM APPROVED The party approved a platform Saturday that urges no amnesty for illegal immigrants, stiffer penalties for employers who hire illegal workers and suspension of automatic U.S. citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants.[Highlights from Texas Republican convention, Austin American-Statesman June 3, 2004]

I didn't find the state party's platform online, but the apparent kickoff speech by the state party's chair (woman) is full of astonishingly good stuff including this amazing sentence: "A good immigration policy should be based on a stable ceiling whose goal is to meet the needs of America and stabilize its population."[“I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag” By Tina J. Benkiser, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas] Here's another sentence: "What kind of attitude is 'you can’t stop it so you may as well legalize it?' Americans deserve better than that."


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