Bill Owens Finds Another Country To Sell Out To
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Dave Kopel writes in the Rocky Mountain News:
Do you think it's newsworthy if Colorado's governor hosts the head of a foreign nation and declares his support for amnesty for illegal aliens from that nation? The Denver papers didn't think so, so it was only by reading The Irish Times that I found out that when Gov. Bill Owens hosted a dinner for visiting Irish President Mary McAleese on May 19, Owens "expressed support for an immigration bill that would allow tens of thousands of illegal Irish immigrants to remain in the U.S. and eventually apply for citizenship."[President stresses role of education,By Denis Staunton Irish Times, May 20, 2006(subscriber link)]

The News covered only McAleese's speech to the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, while the Post covered the speech as well as the state dinner with Owens that evening, but did not report on his remarks about immigration.[Kopel: Climate alarmism a perennial, June 3, 2006]

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