The Value Of Citizenship
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There are a number of ways of computing the cash value of American citizenship, which patriots may consider above price, but which the American government is more or less willing to sell to rich foreigners, via the Immigrant Investor Visa program, which Michelle Malkin wrote about in 2001, and which is still running.

Randall Burns has pointed out that a Green Card is worth six figures on the Indian dowry market, and citizenship is worth more.

If I had to pick a number, I'd say citizenship is worth a round million dollars, because I recall that, years ago, a poll was taken in which American citizens were asked if they'd give up their citizenship for a million dollars. Almost all said no, and that was only because there wasn't a space in the form for "Hell, no!"

So that's what the Axis of Amnesty is proposing to give a away to every illegal immigrant—a check for a million dollars, payable to them, drawn on you. The price tag? Maybe $5,000, paid in installment.

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