The SPLC And Real Hate Crimes
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I subscribe to the SPLC's Hatewatch and Nativist News so I can find out what they're worried about, (their Hatewatch mixes stories of actual crimes with gloating about people being arrested for distributing fliers) and I came across this:

Albuquerque (Assault) Published on 09-11-2007 More than 20 male Indian students at the University of Mew (sic) Mexico were allegedly assaulted by a man who said 'Namaste' — a traditional Indian greeting — after the attacks.

Followed above by

Albuquerque (Assault) Published on 09-12-2007 "Turan Johnson, 34, was arraigned on three counts of alleged battery in attacks on two East Indian students at the University of New Mexico. "

So I went looking for the original story. I found the student newspaper had published a story with an amazing fact in it:

The students said the attacks seem to have been done by the same man.

Detective Robert Rush of UNM Police said it's too early to say for sure. The police would not release the man's description. [Emphasis added]

Sgt. John Guilmette of the Albuquerque Police Department said the most important thing the students can do is report any attacks immediately.

Guilmette said the department is stretched thin on resources, but can notify bicycle police about the incidents and send plain-clothes officers to the area.

Police can't arrest anyone because the crimes are misdemeanors that weren't committed in the presence of an officer, he said.

The attacks probably aren't hate crimes, Guilmette said.

He said the man is most likely mentally disturbed and not specifically targeting Indians.

"I can guarantee you, you're not the only people getting hit by this guy," he said. "If he's that angry, I guarantee he's hitting other people, too."

Indian students report racially charged attacks, By Bryan Gibel, UNM Daily Lobo, September 11, 2007

Not only would the police not release the man's description, neither did the student newspaper, which was talking to the victims. Finally some of the students fought back, chased him and wouldn't let him get away(good for them):

APD and UNM Police arrested Johnson on Wednesday evening near Central Avenue and Vassar Drive after an altercation between Johnson and several UNM students, said John Walsh, a spokesman for APD.

Conrad said Johnson, a transient, told officers he attacked the Indian students because, "We are at war with them."

Walsh said there is no guarantee Johnson will be kept off the streets until the warrant has been issued.

The University Mental Health Center will release Johnson on Saturday, according to a press release.

Johnson was also arrested June 22 on charges of assaulting an Indian student, Conrad said.

He said students played a key role in catching Johnson when they confronted him Wednesday as he was assaulting another student near campus.

"This would not have taken place without their assistance," he said. "They helped the police by, one, refusing to be a victim, and two, calling the police and pursuing this individual until he could be picked up." ... Potluru said he realized Johnson could be the man who had been attacking Indian students in the area, so he and Bezerra went to help Aldosari.

"We were high on courage and low on skill," he said. "We just went for it. We were on adrenaline at that point. We knew we had to do something about what had been going on."

Johnson tried to get on a bus at Central Avenue and Yale Boulevard, but the bus driver kicked him off, Polturu said.

"That's when the fight first started," he said. "Of course we were scared. He was a big guy, and we don't have experience in fighting, but we didn't want him to get away."

Bezerra, whose yellow T-shirt was stained with drops of blood, said he was punched in the mouth during the fight.

"I was bleeding quite a bit," he said. "My arms and my hands were all red."

Potluru said Johnson ran across the street and tried to get in the back of a pickup truck stopped at an intersection.

Johnson left the truck after the driver told him to get out, he said.

Johnson then ran a few blocks up Central Avenue where he was arrested near Vassar Drive.

Suspect held in attacks on students (Video) , by Bryan Gibel ,UNM Daily Lobo, September 11, 2007

Good stuff, but...still no description? I was able to find a blog post by one blogger who had noticed the same thing, and he linked to the only two stories he could find with a picture—one from Indolink, 15 Desi Students Attacked In U.S , and one from, Channel 4 News locally. Here it is

The Indescribable Attacker

Accused UNM attacker in court

By: Jeff Maher, Eyewitness News 4, Matthew Kappus,

September 16, 2007

The man suspected of a rash of hate crimes on the UNM campus was in court Sunday. He pleaded not guilty to three counts of battery.

Turan Johnson, 34, has a history of bizarre behavior.

He said in court that he is a student at an Indian medicine school in Albuquerque and said he has never used a gun before. Johnson made several odd claims Sunday.

”I have 12 Chinese girlfriends,” he told the judge.

Police suspect Johnson is behind a series of beatings on East Indian students near the UNM campus. The students were kicked and punched.

They told police they were attacked because of their race. Johnson was given a mental evaluation which helped police decide to charge him with a hate crime.

He is being held on a $10,000 bail.

So...neither the police nor the student paper could describe him while he was still out there attacking people, and the Indian students could be warned what to watch out for. Then he's arrested, and the story is about race, and they still can't describe him. (For the benefit of blind people reading this story through assistive technology, Mr Johnson is an African-American.)

It's a funny thing when the SPLC mentions the race of the victim, but not the race of the hater. Of course, they might not know, either, as it appears the information is closely held. But this, and a host of similar stories (scroll down, the first on the list will be this one) are part of the reason you need—and we need your donations.

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