Nativists In The News
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Occasionally I'll just do a Google search for "nativists" or "xenophobes

" in the news, to see what's up in the world of pro-immigration punditry.

The latest is this one by Tina Griego [send her mail] in the Rocky Mountain News Let's be sensible about illegal immigration which would have been found by both terms:

Either that or we can engage in the utterly pointless exercise of swapping good Mexican/bad Mexican anecdotes and contradictory cost/benefit studies and I could amuse myself by counting the number of times the letters to the editor contain the word "hordes" and "illegal invasion" followed by "but I'm not a racist/nativist/xenophobe."

Considering that there are between twelve and twenty million illegals in the United States, I'd say "hordes" and "illegal invasion" were fairly reasonable.

Her idea of "Let's be sensible" seems to be some kind of mild border protection, some kind of mild employer sanctions, but not deportation, which is the obvious and sensible answer to the problem.

Here's what she's not interested in

So, here's what we're not going to talk about today: assimilation and the "curse" of multiculturalism. I don't want to hear about Spanish-speaking food service workers and laundry drying on chain-link fences and parties that are too loud in houses that are too crowded. I don't want to hear about the need for a common society with shared community values, the umbrella under which all these complaints fall.

Well, that's what we're here for. We didn't expect those issues to get much of an airing in the Rocky Mountain News, anyway.

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