Tancredo Vs. Ron Paul
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As always, we're not taking sides, but according to Stephen Dinan in The Washington Times, Tom Tancredo has issued a press release which :
demands that his fellow congressman and presidential candidate disavow a supporter's open letter that criticizes the Minutemen who patrolled the U.S.-Mexico border and opposing assimilation for Hispanic immigrants.
The letter is from Abelardo J. Arias, Esquire [send him mail] and was published on LewRockwell.com, with the following objectionable passage:
Ron Paul represents the 14th Congressional District of Texas, a border state with many problems. As a result of these problems we have seen overt racism from people like the Minutemen and other self-armed vigilantes who patrol the border. But there are many Americans who are not racist but just want our laws to be obeyed and respected.

An Open Letter to Hispanics On Behalf of Ron Paul

There's more—Tancredo pointed out that the letter
"...written on behalf of Ron Paul labels the Minutemen as racists, supports a pathway to citizenship, and denounces assimilation and the use of the English language in America,” Tancredo said. ”Congressman Paul needs to write off this radical diatribe as nothing more than a rogue supporter misusing his name, or publicly support the views that are exhibited in this letter.”
Of course, it's always difficult to be held responsible for your supporters. And as for the Minutemen being racist, maybe someone should tell  Mr. Arias about Jim Gilchrist endorsing Huckabee. You don't suppose Mike Huckabee would let a racist endorse him, do you?
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