The Rise In Anti-Whiteism Among Whites
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Dr. Zach Goldberg writes:

Currently formatting my dissertation (hope to share it with you all sometime next month). Here’s an interesting chart of trends in ‘anti-white’ feeling thermometer scores. … To clarify, an ‘anti-white’ score refers to rating whites < 50, and blacks, Hispanics, and Asians all > 50 on a 0-100 feeling thermometer scale (where 0=Maximum ‘coolness’/negativity, and 100= Maximum warmth/positivity).

To be counted as anti-white, a white would have to rate himself as feeling more warmly than the midpoint of 50 toward the other three races and less than 50 toward his own race. That’s fairly hard to do. The blue line in these graphs of ongoing longitudinal surveys represents white liberals, the green line white moderates, and the red line white conservatives.

VSG panel estimates are noisier, but the jump from ~1% in 2011 to ~18% in 2020 is remarkable.

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