The New York Times And The Too-White Electoral College
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If you want proof of Washington Watcher's thesis that the Electoral College may be the GOP's friend, note the fact that that anti-America's Paper of Record recently called for its abolition: The Tarnish of the Electoral College, New York Times, November 15, 2012.

One of the first things I wrote for was called "Rotten Boroughs II: Immigration Threatens the Senate, Electoral College..."[February 25, 2001] responding to something the late Christopher Hitchens had written about the Senate:

"Owing in part to Article V of the Constitution, it is impossible to amend the provision that grants two senators to each state of the Union, regardless of population. Thus—in an arrangement aptly described by Daniel Lazare as one of "rotten boroughs"—unpopulous white and rural states such as Montana and Wyoming have the same representations as do vast and all-American [sic] and ethnically diverse states like New York and California."

By “all-American” Hitchens actually meant un-American—the problem is that the small states have too many regular Americans, and not, say Cambodians, Nigerians and Hmong. Daniel Lazare, the left-wing author that Hitchens was quoting, actually uses the phrase “lily-white” in his book America's Undeclared War: What's Killing Our Cities and How We Can Stop It.

However, the three electoral votes per state was part of the deal under which Wyoming, for example, joined the United States. If New York Times favors changing the deal, are they also prepared to let the smaller states leave the Union?

Read my original piece here.

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