Rotten Boroughs II: Immigration Threatens the Senate, Electoral College...
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February 25, 2001, 04:25 PM
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Rotten Borough I:  Immigration`s Rotten Borough Dynamic...

[Helpful VDARE note: "Rotten Boroughs" were districts returning members to the British House of Commons, prior to the democratic Great Reform Act of 1833, despite having few or even no inhabitants.  As a practical matter, they were in the gift of local magnates.  Well, guess what…]

Christopher Hitchens describes the Senate (in No One Left To Lie To):

"Owing in part to Article V of the Constitution, it is impossible to amend the provision that grants two senators to each state of the Union, regardless of population. Thus - in an arrangement aptly described by Daniel Lazare as one of "rotten boroughs" - unpopulous white and rural states such as Montana and Wyoming have the same representations as do vast and all-American and ethnically diverse state like New York and California."

When Hitchens says "all-American", I think he must mean un-American.

Originally the term all-American meant "From every state in the Union", and was applied to the W.W.I 82nd Division to differentiate it from locally recruited divisions. It`s not logically possible for a state to be all-American, but if you redefine "all-American" to mean, say, "vibrant" or "diverse", then it`s obvious Wyoming doesn`t qualify.

Of course, the two senators and three electoral votes possessed by Wyoming are part of the genius of the American Constitutional compromise, with its Representatives and Senators.

A recent caller to Rush Limbaugh noted that the Electoral College meant that the "heartland had a right to be heard." Which it does, especially if you consider that there`s nothing particularly morally superior about having superior numbers.

In THE PATRIOT GAME: Canada and the Canadian Question Revisited, Peter Brimelow wrote about the problems of a country where elections are based on straight numbers, with no Senators to defend the outlying regions.

Then he left Canada!

February 25, 2001