The NATION's Joan Walsh Doesn't Like's Peter Brimelow—Or Most White People
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thenationsillustration The NATION magazine sent Nice White Lady Joan Walsh [Tweet her], formerly of Salon,  to Milo Yiannopoulos's Gays For Trump party, and she ran into Peter Brimelow. Note that she's heard about the Tweet appearing on the Jumbotron—as a result of it having the hashtag #RNCinCLE—and also that she's still wondering why Brimelow isn't shunned the way Salon and the Nation would like.
“You blocked me on Twitter,” says a friendly Josh Smith, who used to run one of two parody accounts. Smith has turned out to see his hero Milo, but he’s impressed by the luminaries in the room. He points out to me the urbane, white-haired Peter Brimelow, the long-time, pro-white, anti-immigration writer and agitator who runs the similarly themed site “Isn’t he kind of a white nationalist, or white supremacist?” I ask Smith. He smiles. “What is white supremacy, really?”

I didn’t stay around to answer. I followed Brimelow as he moved outside; the music had gotten too loud for him. The event [PB: Actually, I said the music!] “really doesn’t speak to me,” he confessed apologetically, dressed in a three-piece suit when most attendees were wearing T-shirts and jeans. But he was happy to see so many young people. “It’s phenomenal.” Marrying the issue of gay rights and anti-Islam activism “makes a lot of sense,” Brimelow told a group of reporters. “The two are incompatible, Muslim immigration and gay rights.”

Brimelow and VDare have been advocating for years that the GOP more explicitly become a party geared toward white people, and he’s heartened that Trump seems to be listening. The group’s tweets are now featured in the “crawl” of conservative Twitter accounts that circle the GOP convention arena. The British former National Review writer isn’t sure he trusts Trump to keep his promises on immigration. “He’s says he’s against illegal immigration, well, we listen to that, because all Republicans say they favor legal immigration” (VDare does not.) But Brimelow believes Trump wants to limit legal immigration too. “His immigration paper was essentially written by Jeff Sessions. It’s against birthright citizenship.”

“Who the hell knows what he’s going to do?” he continued. "But we knew what Jeb Bush was going to do, he wanted amnesty. We knew what Marco Rubio was going to do.” Brimelow will take his chances on Trump.

Islamophobes, White Supremacists, and Gays for Trump—the Alt-Right Arrives at the RNC

[Emphaseses added, the live link to above added by the Nation.]

Pamela Geller, Milo Yiannopoulos, Geert Wilders, Peter Brimelow, Richard Spencer, and a cast of anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim conservatives partied into the night.

By Joan Walsh, The Nation, July 20, 2016

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