The Murder of Nicole
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Nicole Brown Simpson

The O.J. Simpson Trial was fifteen years ago. In that trial, a largely black jury, believing the frameup story put forward by a black defense attorney, acquitted a black football star of murdering his estranged white wife.

I believe American Renaissance Magazine experienced large growth in subscriptions that year.

Walter Olson reviewed Vincent Bugliosi's book on the case here:

"Also entering the book's reputation-grinder head first is L.A. District Attorney Gil Garcetti, who keeps switching stories on why he chose to try the case downtown rather than in Santa Monica, with its far more pro-prosecution jury pool. [ note: I.e. white people with jobs.]The misnamed "Dream Team" defense, supposedly the "best that money can buy"? No such thing: It lacked murder-trial experience and failed to interview key witnesses. The jury? "Not a normal jury. If it was, we should start packing our bags for Madagascar." Johnnie Cochran? "As two-faced as a tower clock".

It's always worth remembering that what we call the O. J. Simpson case is really about the murder of  Nicole and Ron Goldman.

Nicole was quoted as saying

"O.J.'s going to kill me—and he's going to get by with it."

She was right—and Simpson's subsequent conviction for unrelated crimes doesn't change that.

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