The Moronic Idea That The 2nd Amendment Only Applies To "Muskets"
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The mass murder in Parkland, Fla., has, naturally, worked the radical left and it’s myrmidons in the media into a frothing rage about guns, and they’ve even enlisted have a kiddie brigade to push the point.

One argument we keep hearing about guns and The Second Amendment is that it was written when the most powerful weapon in the hands of an American was a musket.

Now, the gun grabbers say, we have AR-15s all over the place, something the framers never envisioned. Well, yes, self-evidently true. The Framers didn’t spend their days pondering the future technological advances of the American firearm.

So, the argument goes, the Second Amendment applies only to 18-century firearms.

Not so fast.

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Granted, the Second Amendment was written when personal firearms were muskets. But it was also the time when the biggest advantage government had over a subject or citizen was more muskets and a variety of artillery. We had muskets; King George III had muskets. We had muskets. The early U.S. Army had muskets. As gun technology developed, Americans always had access to the same personal firearms as police and members of the military.

In other words, the gun grabbers are forgetting the second half of the history. If part of the purpose of the Second Amendment was keeping citizens on at least something of an equal footing with a government agent, then AR-15s are most definitely a weapon for which the public must have ownership rights. Because that type of weapon is what most government agents would use in a crackdown.

And, by the way, the government’s version is fully automatic; except for those with a federal license, our aren’t.

Why does this matter for readers and what’s it mean for the national question?

Most immigrants are from countries where firearms are strictly controlled. Immigrants favor gun control and they vote for leftists.

If we want to keep our Second Amendment rights, we had better stop the demographic dispossession of the historic American nation.

Were colonizing Third Worlders to get control of the government, the only people with guns would be the Third Worlders running our police forces and military. As the experience of white Rhodesians and South Africans has shown, that will be unenviable position for white Americans.


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