The Martinez appointment: Wisdom from the High Plains
Print Friendly and PDF has in the past been very negative about the characteristics usually seen in members of the Republican National Committee. (We made an exception early this year for the valiant Randy Pullen, who forced his colleagues to consider a challenge to the Bush Amnesty proposal.) Another exception clearly should be made for North Dakota National Committeeman Curly Haugland. On Wednesday the Los Angeles Times (Conservatives wary of choice to lead the RNC By Peter Wallstein and Nicole Gaouette November 15 2006) reported:

Criticism of Martinez came Tuesday from several conservatives, including Curly Haugland, an RNC member from North Dakota, who said he believed the party was far too focused on pandering to minorities.

"We're losing our base in droves because they don't get campaigned to," he said, referring to GOP-leaning conservatives.

This unimpeachable assessment is exactly what is implied by the recent Nebraska poll. Appointing Martinez is an arrogant insult to the core Republican voters, and they will notice.

Significantly, Haugland’s candor seems only to have attracted the attention of a small gaggle of leftwing blogs. The idea of activating the GOP “base” fills them with rage. The shoal of Bush Administration pilot fish blogs purporting to be conservative is silent. Activating the GOP base fills them with fear.

Applaud Curly Haugland.

With eight others, it was his signature which enabled the Pullen battle to be fought. Their names and some e mail addresses can be found at the end of this blog. (HINT, HINT.) The Martinez RNC chairmanship atrocity has to be confirmed by vote by the whole committee in January.

The members need some input.

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