RNC Immigration Resolution Unveiled!
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A public-spirited gentleman has posted on FreeRepublic (Comment # 32) what appears to be full text of the Randy Pullen RNC resolution opposing illegal immigration, saying it was emailed out by Texan Committeewoman Denise McNamara in December.

McNamara, with remarkable courage considering the situation in Texas, was a co-sponsor. (Applaud her)

Presuming this post to be authentic, the document is excellent – unless you are a large scale employer of illegals. It explicitly cites VDARE.com’s pet peeve of birthright citizenship, asserting:

Withholding U.S. citizenship from individuals born to illegal aliens will remove the so-called “anchor baby” inducement to sneak into our country

It also stipulates

• Worker eligibility verification should be mandatory for all employers in the United States and employers held responsible for hiring illegal aliens as employees and be subject to substantial fines,

• Working or residing illegally in our country must not establish rights or financial benefits of any kind for illegal aliens

• Any guest worker plan that allows illegal aliens to remain and work in our country will only result in more illegal immigration and increased crime in our country,

And cheerfully concludes

The Republican National Committee calls upon the Congress to pass and the President to sign a bill enacting laws to secure our borders and end employment of illegal aliens in the workplace at the earliest possible opportunity and to immediately commence enforcement.

Definitely a Maalox moment for Karl Rove.

It must be a sign of the times that FreeRepublic, which has a bad record of suppressing immigration debate, let the thread of outraged commentary rage on. Similar fury, from a rather broader intellectual base than just GOP partisanship, can be seen on the American Renaissance thread of comment on the topic (scroll down).

The McNamara email lists the names of the RNC members willing to co-sponsor the resolution:

Alaska – June Burkhart (applaud her)

Arizona – Randy Pullen (applaud him)

California – Barbara Alby

Colorado – Bob Schaffer (applaud him)

Louisiana - Kay Kellogg Katz

Michigan – Chuck Yob (applaud him)

N. Dakota – Curly Haugland (applaud him)

S. Carolina – Buddy Witherspoon

S. Dakota – Ron Schmidt

Texas – Denise McNamara

These people must now be coming under horrific pressure. E mail addresses for RNC members are tough to come by, but if possible, they deserve to be encouraged.

The other RNC members need some attention too. Their profiles can be found here.

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