Pelosi Who-Must-Be-Obeyed
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It's certainly true that a good number of the new House Democrats are not typical open-borders liberals since many campaigned as tough on enforcement. However, an array of interest groups see the new Congress as the big chance for the illegal alien gravy train of their dreams. The President, for one, can still do a lot despite his lame duck status, and apparently regards an illegal alien amnesty to be the "legacy" of his unique presidency.

Over at Aztlan HQ, the Raza folks are busy plotting important tactics like whether they should call the proposed border fence the "Berlin Wall" or the "Tortilla Wall". Such are the vital decisions required when using the media to pimp an unpopular message.

What may be crucial is that the Democrats spent a lot of money to help their candidates win, and Speaker Pelosi (who benefits directly from slavery lite) will make those elected feel they have dues to pay.

At the same time, if gratitude counts, Pelosi will get their support if she needs it. The Democratic campaign committee has spent more than $170,000 to help Shuler's race against Rep. Charles Taylor; $250,000 for Weaver; $1 million aiding Donnelly's race against Rep. Chris Chocola; and about $2 million to ease Ellsworth's way past Rep. John Hostettler. [GOP Hopes for a Slim Majority, AP 11/5/06]

Brad Ellsworth is the Indiana sheriff who campaigned as being strong on enforcement in order to beat Immigration Subcommittee Chair John Hostettler. After spending so much money on Ellsworth's election, Pelosi will indeed expect reciprocation from him in terms of voting her way.

So when the House presents its illegal alien amnesty bill, Rep. Ellsworth (among others) will certainly feel a tap on his shoulder as chits are called in. Two million dollars is a lot of obligation.

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