Arizona Colleges Moan About Proposition 300
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Approved by 72% of the voters in Arizona, Proposition 300 prevents students who are not legal U.S. residents from paying in-state tuition at state schools, receiving state funded financial aid, and participating in adult-education classes offered by the Arizona Department of Education. It also requires institutions to report biannually the number of illegal students who apply for in-state tuition, state funded financial aid or adult education classes.

"We expect the costs and changes in how we do things to be significant," said Matt Ortega, director of governmental affairs for the [Maricopa County] district, which has about 278,000 students.

Mr. Ortega says he worries that having to spend money determining every student's immigration status will limit the amount of funds the district will have to use for classroom instruction and other academic priorities. Arizona Colleges Say Ballot Measure on Illegal Immigrants Will Be Costly by Sara Hebel, The Chronicle of Higher Education 11/17/06

But given that in-state tuition is less than half of out-of-state tuition, it looks to me like reducing the in-state numbers could actually increase college revenue. With illegals unable to suck state funding from legitimate students, more money will be freed up to use for "other academic priorities." Like say, giving American students the college education for which they're actually paying?

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