The Little Known Zerg Rush At The Northern Border And The Latest Biden Amnesty
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The border of the United States with Canada has always had an illegal immigration problem, not caused by Canadians, but by the Canadian government. The traditional illegal aliens entering the United States from Canada weren’t snowbirds heading to their vacation homes in the warmer parts of America, like Arizona or Florida, but were third-country nationals, and terrorists, seeking to take advantage of the lightly patrolled border with Canada. Common illegals were those who enjoyed easy visas or a no visa requirement from Canada and used that to gain access to the easier-to-cross border compared to the border with Mexico. Common nationalities were Koreans seeking to go to New York City or Los Angeles, Mexicans headed everywhere in the United States, and Muslim terrorists like Ahmed Ressam of the Millennium Plot fame, and while this was not strictly an entry without inspection over the border—Ressam was caught by a legacy U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Customs Inspector at a Port of Entry (POE)—it was symptomatic of the general lack of concern of the Canadian government over terrorism and illegal entry into the United States.

While things were never good at the Canadian border, it has progressively gotten worse under the latest Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty.

The number of migrants crossing the border from Canada into the U.S. is rising—in one sector by more than 700%—as more Mexicans desperate to get into the U.S. fly to Canada and attempt to cross in frigid temperatures…

Apprehensions in the area where the family was found, known as the Swanton Sector, which includes sections of Vermont, New York and New Hampshire, have increased to 1,146 from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2022, from just 136 the year prior. Across the northern border, crossings from Canada into the U.S. have increased from 16,000 to 42,000 over the same time period, according to CBP data.

Mexicans are by far the leading nationality crossing into the U.S. in the Swanton Sector, followed by Haitians and Guatemalans, according to CBP data.

[More Migrants Are Crossing The Northern Border Into The U.S. As Mexicans Fly To Canada And Then Head South, by Didi Martinez and Julia Ainsley, NBC News, February 9, 2023]

This increase of illegal aliens, like that of Mexicans, instead of being met by aggressive measures from the Biden Regime has been turned to the advantage of the America-hating Biden toadies in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In this latest Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, lawyers for the Border Patrol and DHS agreed to aid illegal aliens entering the United States by closing the most effective measure the Border Patrol uses to catch illegal aliens along the northern border: checkpoints. It is not new. Both Jorge Bush and Barack Hussein Obama closed checkpoints, but they mostly came back as mobile checkpoints, as opposed to permanent checkpoints. Checkpoints have always been a target of the open-borders advocates, libertarian nut-jobs, the Lying Press, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), mostly because of the effectiveness of checkpoints.

The U.S. Border Patrol has agreed in a legal settlement to not set up interior checkpoints in a northern New Hampshire town just under 100 miles from the Canadian border before Jan. 1, 2025.

The agreement announced Friday settled a 2020 lawsuit over the use of the checkpoints in Woodstock, where the American Civil Liberties Union claimed that border agents conducted illegal searches and seizures that led to the arrest of American citizens for violating state drug laws that had nothing to do with immigration.

“Border Patrol’s interior checkpoint operations are unlawful and invasive, and this settlement means the people of northern New England will continue to be free from these unconstitutional searches and seizures in Woodstock until January 1, 2025,” Gilles Bissonnette, the legal director of the ACLU of New Hampshire, said in a news release.

[U.S. Border Patrol Agrees Not To Set Up Checkpoints In New Hampshire Town, by Wilson Ring, AP/ Washington Times, May 19, 2023]

Checkpoints are not as the ACLU describes, illegal and unconstitutional, but legal and constitutional, according to statute and precedent decision by the Supreme Court.

The real problem that the Biden Regime and the ACLU have is that checkpoints are effective, and the Biden Regime has begun its campaign to close checkpoints, starting with the sue-and-settle strategy whereby open-borders groups sue to stop something that is legal, and the Biden Regime settles the suit before a court can rule on the merits. As in the Flores Decision and subsequent Flores Settlement, where the Supreme Court ruled all illegal aliens, including minors, can be held, but the Clinton Regime then settled a follow-on lawsuit with the same defendant, agreeing not to hold minors in custody. With the ramifications continuing today.

The Biden Regime is taking a similar tack, ignoring long Constitutional authority for deploying checkpoints to stop illegal aliens and settling with open-borders advocates to end the practice, in effect another Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty.


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