The Layoffs Will Continue Until the Diversity Ratio Improves
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From Reuters:

Chevron diversity ratio to improve as layoffs progress
Shariq Khan


(Reuters) – Oil major Chevron Corp (CVX.N) expects to reduce the dominance of white males in company management during cost-cutting this year, upping the share of senior level jobs held by women and ethnic minorities to 44% from 38% last year, the company said in a statement….

Figures from the end of last year show that less than a quarter of Chevron’s U.S. executives and senior managers were female, and only 22% were from ethnic minorities.

In an email sent to employees this week and seen by Reuters, Chief Human Resources Officer Rhonda Morris said the company selected 26% women for global roles in a second round of appointments and, in the United States, 29% of candidates selected were from ethnically diverse candidates.

I’m fascinated by the decline in first the word and then the concept of “disinterested.” First, it acquired a new meaning of “bored,” then the old concept was almost completely forgotten. For example, it is now considered a GOOD thing that executives being paid to fire white men are not white men but are instead of races and genders that personally benefit from the anti-white male push.

…. Long owned and run predominantly by white males, the oil industry has drawn criticism along with other parts of corporate America for failing to do enough to promote diversity.

And what has the American oil industry ever accomplished? I means, besides partnering with the American car industry to revolutionize the American way of life and raise living standards for the masses to undreamt of heights.

Chevron executives were among those at big corporations to speak in support of the “black lives matter” campaign, which has become a global movement against racial injustice following the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis.

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