The Kvetcher: Greater Love hath no Man than this...
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The Kvetcher is appalled. The rest of us should be frightened.

I really I hope I am reading this wrong, but it looks as if David Harris, the executive director of the AJC, the largest and least weird of the Jewish ”defense” organizations, has invoked Holocaustism, laying it on nice and thick to the House of Representatives

The Kvetcher is absolutely right. Harris made a presentation to the

House of Representatives Judiciary — Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship,Refugees, Border Security, and International Law

on March 19, 2009 which is an historically tendentious discussion of American immigration policy in the late 30s.

American law at that time could not accommodate huge influxes of aliens. Few - actually, none - anticipated the events of the 1940s - or could even conceive of them. None of that matters to Harris whose raging denunciation is only tempered slightly by the concession:

Even with the grievous failures of omission and commission in American policy, an estimated 200,000 Jews were able to enter the United States in the 12-year period from 1933 to 1945.

I would not be here today, Madame Chairwoman, were it not for that group of 200,000. My mother and maternal grandparents were among them, arriving in New York in November 1941.

The obvious question is, what has this to do with the business of the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration almost 70 years later? (Harris offered no comment on current events.)

The Kvetcher understands. The matter to hand is the HIAS "Progress By Pesach" Amnesty/Open Borders campaign.

...this is really bad. This means that the AJC is not just half-heartedly signing unto some ditzy far-Left campaign, but is truly backing this foolish initiative in full force.

By invoking the Holocaust, Harris, in 21st Century America, is effectively asserting Papal Infallibility for his view — in a country totally controlled by the Inquisition.

Why, in the present economic environment, major Jewish organizations feel it timely to push for Amnesty and Open Borders is puzzling to The Kvetcher — and annoying to others.

And of course he wisely disputes its wisdom. Showing, alas, a sound grasp of what his chosen audience actually cares about he says:

I can give you—the mainstream Jewish organization —examples of what mass immigration will risk doing to this country, to its culture, and to its workers. But you will shrug it off. You will laugh.

So let me offer a reason you should be concerned about that you won’t find so funny.

Consider this: continued mass immigration will put the U.S.’s traditional pro-Israel slant at risk. That it will definitely do. With millions of more Muslims, things will change, and so will foreign policy. And you – the establishment Jewish community – care about that a lot.

The Kvetcher then proceeds to an act of incredible courage. He ridicules the validity of the Holocaust analogy in discussing public policy!

But in the zeal of Holocaustian idol worship, even that which you treasure the most must be sacrificed to the false god of Shoah. Everything must be offered. Our national future, our communal future, the welfare of the Jewish state. …

Accept our gifts, Baal HaShoah. Accept our supplications. Look at the beautiful temples we have built for you. And we shall build still more. Look how many Yom Tovs we have sanctified. Please accept our offerings. Everything we do is for you, oh, Baal HaShoah.

(Remember Baal?)

I am very worried for the safety of The Kvetcher. This kind of heroism has not helped Norman Finkelstein make a living.

Applaud The Kvetcher (But don’t waste his time. He knows his business - which is intra-Jewish Community controversy - and he has quite enough on his plate.)

John Chapter15 Verse 13

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