The First World Strikes Back? Italy MAY Intervene In Libya
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Ethnic Groups Of Libya

Last year, I concluded a blog that I wistfully titled Francis Drake Lives! British Refuse To Rescue Mediterranean “Refugees,” Citing “Pull Factor”:
My suggestion: Europe should emulate the Elizabethan buccaneers and simply seize the North African coast to interdict smuggling, or at least a port, perhaps in anarchic Libya. Then African “refugees” could be dumped there and encouraged to walk home.
To my utter amazement, I now read Italy to weigh military action in Libya if diplomacy fails, by Frances D'Emilio, AP/ San Diego Union-Tribune, February 16, 2015):
ROME (AP) — Italy would weigh participating in any military intervention to keep forces from the Islamic State group from advancing in Libya should diplomatic efforts fail, Italian officials said Monday...

With Libya's security rapidly deteriorating, the number of migrants who set out in smugglers boats from Libyan shores toward Italy has surged. On Sunday alone, Italian authorities rescued more than 2,100 migrants and refugees, many of them fleeing the Syrian war.

Some in Rome fear IS advances could increase risks that terrorists, mingled among boatloads of migrants, could reach Italy from Libya, a few hundred kilometers (miles) across the Mediterranean.

Political support for Italian military involvement grew as Egypt carried out airstrikes against IS strongholds across its border in Libya after the extremists beheaded Egyptian Christian hostages.

"From how things are evolving in Libya, frankly, it's difficult to imagine a scenario different from a military kind of international intervention," said Enrico Zanetti, a Cabinet undersecretary.

Of course, the Italians are wittering about doing it under the auspices of the U.N. blah blah. But it's a start on the long road back to a First World that defends itself.

Maybe next Americans will be allowed to intervene in their own affairs and use the military to seal the Mexican border.



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