Jeff Sessions' Obamnesty Constitutional Usurpation Dossier Doubles To 50 Pages
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Jeff Sessions

Who else?

After having struck the decisive blow in the Eric Holder replacement debate as I noted in Sessions Sinks AG Nominee Loretta Lynch. No Patriotic Senator Can Vote For Her the Champion of the Nation has continued fighting, as Brenda Walker reported here and Peter Brimelow here and here.

Today Jeff Sessions struck another heavy blow for Americans: Senator issues 50-page catalogue of Obama’s executive action on immigration Pete Kasperowicz The Blaze Feb 16, 2015

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) on Monday released an updated listing of every Obama administration effort to work around Congress on immigration, and other events over the last six years that have contributed to weaker enforcement of immigration laws.

Sessions last released this list in May 2014, when it was about 24 pages long. But the list has since doubled in size and is now a 50-page compendium

The full document is here.

Why is there only one Jeff Sessions?

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