The Definitive Word On Romney's Israel Grovel
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Romney Israel

As President, I will serve you!

I have been wondering what to say Romney’s nauseating groveling in Israel this past weekend, other to observe that his reckless and irresponsible incitement of the world’s most warlike country about Iran has likely definitively cost him the Paul vote. (This is larger and was far more likely to vote Republican than American Jewry. Now it will probably abstain)

However I find I agree with Occidental Dissent's Hunter Wallace: Southern Nationalist Network’s Romney to pander in foreign country is definitive:

Did Mitt Romney stand by Arizona on immigration with its battle against the Federal Government? No, despite the fact that his party and constituents have everything to lose from more Third World immigration. Has he met with traditionalist leaders, paleo-conservatives and Southern leaders? Of course not. But he did pander to the NAACP and speak about how a Romney Administration would benefit Black voters. He pandered to Hispanics and greatly softened his once solid rhetoric on securing the borders and opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants. Now he’s going to Israel to pledge his loyalty to a foreign people and government. He’ll promise to keep our tax money flowing to them and to put more US soldiers in harm’s way for them if necessary. It’s obvious that Romney panders to everyone EXCEPT us. Yet we are expected to vote for a man with no pretense of loyalty to us.

SNN suggests

This would seem to be an effort by Romney to prove his loyalty to the elite’s agenda

a process I have noted before.

It would be a relief if Romney’s contemptible behavior was merely rooted in stupidity.

Unfortunately the reality is worse.

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