Demographic Annihilation, Oh Ja—The Decline Of Sweden
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Reviewing Eric Kaufmann's book Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? a couple of years ago, I was struck by his observation, based on good demographic analysis, that "Most large Western European countries will be between 10 and 15 percent Muslim in 2050, though Sweden may approach 20-25 percent."

Sweden?  Yes, the numbers are especially bad for Sweden, and the Swedes seem oblivious.  This one is definitely suicide, not murder.

The blogger JewAmongYou has a splendidly morbid post on Sweden.

There is no end in sight because, by opening the flood-gates to invaders, Sweden has set in motion a vicious cycle whose outcome is almost inevitable. Democracy is flawed because the masses, taken as a whole, are like children. Children must be forced to submit to painful medical treatments that can save their lives. They must be told to eat their vegetables, do their school-work, get to bed at a reasonable time, take a bath etc. So too must the instinctive kindness of the masses be controlled so that it doesn’t lead to the destruction of the nation.

The original link he's working from is also worth a look, though I had never before heard of Occidental Libertas and don't know its provenance or affiliations. 

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