The AP On Sarah Palin
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Kathy Shaidle writes:
"After petulantly shrugging off media fascination with Sarah Palin’s new book two days ago – ”who cares?”Media Matters now features the book front and center on its homepage, and gloats:
AP fact-checks Palin’s Going Rogue
Now: I’ve noted here before that it takes three (count ”em!) employees of the George Soros Steno Pool to tackle the exhausting, labor-intensive task of listening to Rush Limbaugh for three whole hours every day. Then writing down what he says. Then posting his ”offensive” jokes on the Media Matters website. In bold type!

But the Associate Press outdoes Media Matters today. Who says traditional journalism has no future?"[More]

It's amazing how much money the Mainstream Media spent flying to Alaska to try and dig up dirt on Sarah Palin, saying, in effect "Our investigative reporter stood in front of Governor Palin's house and couldn't see Russia!!!!" when you consider the amount of dirt to be dug from Obama's past in Chicago, (much closer) and Hawaii, (much better climate.)

Can Bill Ayers see Russia from his house? Frank Marshall Davis? Barack Senior? All kinds of people in the Democratic Party couldn't see Russia at all.

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