Texas Twins Shoot Illegals. Left Blames GOP, But Moral Hazard Created By Border Treason Ultimately To Blame For ALL Border Deaths
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Earlier by Ann Coulter: It’s An Invasion!… Of Moronic Arguments

Texan brothers shot two illegal aliens outside El Paso recently, leaving one dead and one wounded. Twins Mike Thomas Sheppard and Mark Edward Sheppard, 60, are charged with manslaughter.

“At 7 p.m. Tuesday, a group of migrants was drinking water out of a reservoir when a vehicle passed the group and then returned,” Daniel Borunda and Martha Pskowkski of the El Paso Times reported: 

The driver leaned on the hood of the vehicle and fired two shots, killing a man and injuring a woman. The agents located the vehicle and questioned its owner, Michael Sheppard. They subsequently questioned Mark Sheppard. After initial denials, he admitted the brothers were together the evening of Sep. 27 near the site of the shooting.

The migrants told investigators while they hid they ”overheard one of the males shooting something in Spanish to the effect of ‘Come out your son-of-a-bitch, little asses!’” the affidavit states.

The migrants told investigators they heard a vehicle rev “at which point they heard two gunshots with one of them stating they had been shot.”

[Twin brothers arrested in shooting death of migrant in Hudspeth County, September 30, 2022]

The group comprised 13 Mexicans.

Treason Lobby legislators and activists quickly blamed Republicans and defended the border-jumping illegals. 

“Migrants fleeing persecution in their home countries should not have to fear for their lives here,” Leftist Rep. Veronica Escobar tweeted:

I’m devastated by this news out of Hudspeth County. Time and time again inflammatory, demonizing Republican rhetoric turns into action.

They aren’t “fleeing persecution,” as Escobar well knows, but anyway, top Texas Democrat Gilberto Hinojosa blamed the GOP, too, Borunda and Pskowski reported:

This killing in West Texas is the direct result of Texas Republicans’ violent fearmongering of undocumented migrants: when you continuously use language like “invasion” to describe what is happening at our border, the only logical conclusion is that you want migrants and asylum-seekers to be treated like “invaders.”

No it isn’t “the direct result of Texas Republicans’ violent fearmongering of undocumented migrants.” It’s a result of the Great Replacement by illegal imigrants being deliberately engineered by the Biden Regime. If these illegals hadn’t been encouraged to break American immigration law, they wouldn’t have been shot. And they wouldn’t also be dying in the deserts by the hundreds, something that doesn’t seem to bother the Regime at all.

Illegal aliens are “invaders”; what’s occurring at the border is an “invasion.” Data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that border agents have stopped more than 2.1 million this fiscal year, and that’s without numbers from September, the final month. Expected total: More than 2.3 million. Biden has released more than 1 million to colonize heartland America. Another more than 500,000 slipped past the Border Patrol.

Escobar and Hinojosa want the invasion. Their leader, Traitor Joe Biden, is aiding and abetting it.


But we are also against the Regime’s deliberate opening of the borders, which is creating a moral hazard for illegals and Americans alike.

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