More Building Back Better From Biden: “Migrant” Deaths At Border Set Record
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Authorities have recovered more than 600 bodies in fiscal 2022, which began October, Anna Giaritelli has reported for the Washington Examiner [Migrant deaths at southern border soar to new high under Biden, July 25, 2022]. Understandably, neither the Biden Regime nor its Mainstream Media Information Ministry want this publicized, which is why we didn’t hear that the border is becoming a boneyard.

Reported Giaritelli:

The 609 figure is already higher than the 566 record set in all of 2021, which was the previous highest level, according to data detailed in CBP documents shared internally last week. CBP oversees the Border Patrol, whose 19,500 agents work between the land ports of entry.

“It seems like a daily occurrence people are dying,” a senior Border Patrol official said.

“The way it’s going, we could hit 700 pretty soon,” a second senior Border Patrol official said.

Let’s do the math. Assuming 609 deaths through July 31, about 61 corpses have been found per month for the first 10 months of the fiscal year. If that rate keeps up, authorities will find another 122 by September 31, year’s end.

Projected total for fiscal 2022: 731.

And remember, these are only the bodies found. No one knows how many corpses are still rotting out there. 

The illegal-alien invasion has also turned the Border Patrol into a search-and-rescue operation, and requires agents to become lifeguards at the Rio Grande, Giaritelli reported:

Rescues are up threefold from 2019, when Democrats said the southern border was facing a humanitarian and security crisis.

Between October 2021 and June, agents have rescued 16,897, compared to 4,920 in all of 2019, 5,071 in 2020, and 12,833 in 2021. More than 70% of all rescues in South Texas’s Rio Grande Valley area are for serious heat-related injuries. A man rescued in the valley earlier this month was airlifted to a nearby hospital and survived after being bitten by a snake.

“Migrants” too stupid to see that the border is too dangerous to cross are probably too stupid to do the jobs Americans won’t do. Advice: Go back where you belong and stay alive.

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