Ted Cruz Presidential Announcement Transcript: Disappointing, But Not The Worst
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Here, via the Washington Post, is Ted Cruz's announcement speech: Transcript: Ted Cruz’s speech at Liberty University.

Here's his mention of immigration:

Instead of the lawlessness and the president’s unconstitutional executive amnesty, imagine a president that finally, finally, finally secures the borders.


And imagine a legal immigration system that welcomes and celebrates those who come to achieve the American dream.


They should probably not have applauded the second one—Cruz doesn't get it about legal immigration.

However, he's actually better than the other candidates:

As for Jeb, he's not even driven by donors, but by "family feeling." See David Frum, again:

Here's the New York Times on the donor problem:

Like the other conservatives who lack for support among the Republican donor elite, Mr. Cruz will finance his campaign by looking to a mix of small-dollar contributors and a handful of wealthy patrons who could finance a super PAC. Mr. Miller, the adviser to Mr. Cruz, confirmed the campaign would aim to raise at least $40 million. Mr. Miller said the campaign’s moves were not dictated by [Scott] Walker but by realizing that Mr. Cruz could now ably raise roughly $1 million in the first week.

Ted Cruz Hopes Early Campaign Entry Will Focus Voters’ Attention, By Jonathan Martin And Maggie Haberman, March 22, 2015

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